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by Salt Circles

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released September 11, 2016

"concentrated, strained noise/screamo with a cathartic release and slowcore influences" - Steely Dan



all rights reserved


Salt Circles Baltimore, Maryland

Syl - eeugh
Zack - dirt on the beat

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Track Name: curse
I'm feeling tired frustrated not lame you think you know me
I gave you blessings again and again
So I wrote your name on some paper I made tucked in a suitcase
I don't think you'll ever see me again

I can make you like bugs
I can make you like dirt
I can be your woman
I can give you mugwort

I blew the dust off I opened the case to see the rats came
Ate every bit of the paper I made
I asked the rats if your intentions were good you bet they told me
I don't think you'll see this body again

I can make my own drugs
I can free you of hate
I can be your woman
I can give you nightshades
Track Name: knjfe
Knife wont always come out clean
It's my body you don't worry about it
Always wanna throw up green
Straight slime coming out of my mouth

I touched a widow I transported snakes
I'm in my element you still made me feel bad
But after all I guess I never said thanks
You showed me who I don't wanna be, haha yeah
I guess I'll always have this hair on my chest
I wont ever get rid of it I still wont be a man
The knife that cut the clay to make my body
Missed and cut me in half still lived like a worm
Track Name: moon
Can you believe they put a man on the moon?(!)
Like another patriarchal body colonization
I wanna go to space someday
I wanna go to space someday
That seems good to me, I guess
I want the moon to land on me
I want the moon to land on me
I want the moon to land on me
I want the moon to land on me

I see you

I only bow to you
70% water
You move me like the tide