by Salt Circles

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released July 26, 2017

Mixed and mastered at The Nest in Baltimore, MD by °>

Recorded at Baltimore Free Farm with e.

Album art by Alex Kovacs.

All songs written by Salt Circles.

Salt Circles is Zack Hill and Sylvia Gorgon.

Shout out to the non-men inspiring MARR, especially Tori.



all rights reserved


Salt Circles Baltimore, Maryland

Syl - eeugh
Zack - dirt on the beat

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Track Name: Bow (Moon Song)
Can you believe they put a man on the moon?
Like, another patriarchal body colonization
I wanna go to space one day
That seems good to me, I guess
I want the moon to land on me

I see you

I only bow to you
Sixty percent water
You move me like the tides
Track Name: MARR
Thank you so much for having me
I'm so excited to be here
I'm so happy
Thank you for booking me with sixteen cishet white boys
I couldn't do it without you

Men are cops

Did he just ask you to take your shirt off
and take pictures of you?
Yeah, but, it's okay
as long as we send them to American Apparel
That way it's art
He was standing above me with his finger down
He was shaking his head yes and I was shaking my head no
I was shaking
Track Name: Ritual
I don't need eye makeup
I make it up
I don't need a ritual to tell you to go away
I don't need a new best friend
I got one
I don't need a ritual to tell you to go away

God damn I wanna feel safe
I was not feeling safe

I just want to go outside
Track Name: Bad Spell
Hit me with your bad spell
Tell me why you're insecure I'll tell you why you're right
Like never saying sorry
Or coming up with some excuse so you can
Hit me with your bad spell
And go on and on until there's nothing left
Your ignorance is violent
I'll tell you one time

I'm a girl
I am a pretty girl
Track Name: Knjfe
Knife wont always come out clean
It's my body you don't worry about it
Always wanna throw up green
Straight slime coming out of your mouth

I touched a widow I transported snaked
I'm in my element you still made me feel bad
But after all I guess I never said thanks
You showed me who I don't want to be, ha ha ha yeah
I guess I'll always have this hair on my chest
I wont ever get rid of it I still wont be a man
The knjfe that cut the clay to make my body
Missed and cut me in half
I lived like a worm

It seems excessive like sugar on sweets
Like syrup on peaches, dirt on the beet
You take your knjfe and you wave it at me
I go off in a daydream I am surrounded by trees
My eyes roll back as I put on my dress
You are visibly shaking like I'm throwing up green
Pressure pokes through your skin so it seems
You got the seeds and the pith of me
I'll be damned if I bleed
Track Name: Unapologetic
Unapologetic for the person that I am but
Currently uncomfortable being in my skin
"Do no harm" means nothing if your threatened every day
If you are against this body I can grow my fangs

I'm not sorry

Put me in a corner and I'll stab back
Track Name: CVRSE
I'm getting tired, frustrated, not lame
You think you know me
I gave you blessings again and again
So I wrote your name on some paper I made
Tucked in a suitcase
I don't think you'll ever see me again

I can make you like bugs
I can make you like dirt
I can be your woman
I can give you mugwort

I blew the dust off I opened the case
To see the rats came
Ate every bit of the paper I made
I asked the rats if your intentions were good
you bet they told me
I don't think you'll see this body again

I can make my own drugs
I can free you of hate
I can be your woman
I can give you nightshade